Friday, June 9, 2017

DEATH OF KINGS - Kneel Before None review

DEATH OF KINGS - Kneel Before None 

Boris Records

It was around a week or two ago that I reviewed a seven incher by this Atlanta thrash act and now here they are with their debut full length. But after listening to Kneel Before None I believe an update on genre categorization on my part is needed. So lets just call em metal since the band does bring in some variety whether it's fast raging blasters or straight up classic sounding metal from the bygone days. Ya got yer harsh screeched vocals, extreme metal screams, explosive riffs, a pummeling rhythm section workout and extremely sharp solos.

The nine songs on here definitely harken back to the mid-80s style of metal. Don't call it proto thrash or I'll kill you. I hate that term along with proto anything. No this is metal in the vein of EXCITER but even with that said DEATH OF KINGS are not trying to ride some nostalgia trip revival. This release is for all and is perfect from start to finish. Easily one of the best metal releases of 2017. Hell I really wanna see this band play my town. Great artwork as well and yes I did say this is ONE OF THE BEST METAL RELEASES OF 2017.

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