Friday, June 9, 2017

DODSRITUAL - Under Sort Sol review

DODSRITUAL - Under Sort Sol

Black Market Metal

Norway's DODSRITUAL might be a new two piece black metal act but the players are fairly known at least to me that is. Their drummer and vocalist Undertrykker plus the guitarist Nevresch were both in the band HAT some years ago. I have a copy of their The Demise of Mankind full length from 2009. I always thought HAT was a funny name for a black metal act even though it's Norwegian for hate. So I'm guessing the duo just did a name change and musically expanded their boundaries in blackness.

As DODSRITUAL the duo have dialed down the blasts in favor of a more twisted melodious take on the genre. Calling this a "progressive move" would be stupid. Basically they've slowed down adding a creepy doom style along with traditional metal trappings which in the long run is cool as fuck. I fuckin love the organ playing while the bloody vocals spew forth in an insulting way. It's like an insulting haunting which is beyond the pale of socially exceptable black metal. 

The best thing about this release is how on all of the ten cuts DODSRITUAL finds ways to push the unexpected. Personally I like when they blacken the classic metal and goth style. It's certainly not innovative but it grabs you by the throat. By the third time I listened to this I was in awe, not only from their change from HAT, but in the way they captivate the listener. Honestly this is not something you'll fall asleep to.

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