Saturday, June 3, 2017

GURT - Skullossus review

GURT - Skullossus

When Planets Collide

This is the sophomore release from GURT a four piece metal act from London, England. According to the promo info the band proclaims themselves as party doom. Well after listening to this multiple times I don't hear a party or feel like having a party. Although I do hear plenty of sludge, a dose of death doom, groove plus a singer with scar tissue for vocal chords. Musically GURT are not paving an inch of new territory as far as sludge metal goes. In fact I look at them as reviving the early primordial days when the genre first came about and bands were just tossing everything together.

After a boring spoken word audio intro about the end of the human race, the music portion kicks into gear with "Gimme the Night, Any Day" which pretty much exemplifies every description I laid upon this band. Ya got the sludge, the crawling doom pounding, the death n roll groove at the end. Hell I wanted to jump up and hit something/someone pit style. This is followed up by death cadence number "Battlepants" which would keep a slam pit going. What follows is a punk rock n roll influenced number "Double Barrelled Shot-pun", once again pit worthy. 

Unfortunately from this point onward the release unravels. You get some Southern sludge NOLA style, a couple of short ditties not worth mentioning, some bass heavy mid paced boredom, "Jon Garseeya Later" does return the band to early form ala hardcore grooves with a sludgey filth coating. "The Ballad of Tom Stones and Reg Montagne (Part 1)" is probably as close to doom as this release gets. Like I stated earlier this does sound like something from the very early nineties when hardcore bands started slowing down. Sure there are plenty of well known names to drop. But I've got a box of cassette demos and a stack or two of 7"ers from unknowns. GURT would make those acts smile.

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