Friday, June 2, 2017

HAEMOPHAGUS - Stream Of Shadows review

HAEMOPHAGUS - Stream Of Shadows

Selfmadegod Records

On this their third full length, Sicily's HAEMOPHAGUS make you an offer you can't refuse, that being fourteen cuts of horror obsessed death/grind. Seriously that's the best type of death/grind there is. The band is also not ashamed to let their influences proudly shine out. I'm talking about the likes of CARCASS, REPULSION and AUTOPSY. Seriously after a few listens to this you'll want fuck some shit, or persons, up.

HAEMOPHAGUS didn't just come out of nowhere with a bag of influences and a copy cat's dream. Like I said this is their third full length but these Sicilians have an extensive back catalog of short form releases, all splits, that go back a decade. Interested parties should check out their Necromantical Death Grind: The Early Years CD from 2016 which is a compilation of some of that material plus cuts from their first demo. You listen to that fucker and you can see/hear how this band honed their craft to a deadly edge.

Just by naming their influences should give you a packaged idea of what to expect on Stream Of Shadows. But for the sake of explaining everything I'll dissect. Yeah the drum work is phenomenal, the riffage and craft in song writing is pushed to a head snapping effect. The lead work is tight and of course the vocals have that aggro harshness to em. This more than just a fourteen song death/grind feast. It's perfection.

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