Friday, June 2, 2017

INSULTERS - Metal Still Means Danger review

INSULTERS - Metal Still Means Danger

Unholy Prophecies

If there's one genre in extreme metal that will always bring a sadistic grin to my face it's blackened thrash. When performed right it's like a middle finger salute to just about everything. So when this label sent me something to check out it turned out to be one song from an upcoming release by some death metal act. I wasn't interested in one song so I checked out what else the label had and this stood out. 

Hailing from Spain this is the band's second full length. Musically it's your basic blackened thrash with plenty of crowd pleasing shout along cuts like "Bang Your Fucking Skull", "Forged in Hell's Fire" as well as the fist raising title cut. Yeah it's fast, dirty and ass kicking. Were I live there's a couple of blackened thrash/punk acts but listening to this kinda makes them sound lame. 

The INSULTERS lean more in the direction of modern blackened thrash ala TOXIC HOLOCAUST than say anyone from the classic Teutonic side. That seems to be a staple these days but not a hindrance as long as your songs push people into a sonic rage which this certainly does.

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