Saturday, June 24, 2017

MERCHANT - Beneath review

MERCHANT - Beneath 

Black Bow Records

The hand of doom has risen many times in Australia and in this instance it comes in the form of some YOB worship. Beneath is the second release by this four piece act outta Melbourne. Their first, Suzerain, came out last year and was an actual full length release. What we have here is more like a two long song EP lasting slighting over twenty nine minutes. MERCHANT are not new to creating long compositions since their self released debut contained four cuts in around fifty minutes. 

Getting back to the music, yeah this is total YOB worship which I don't have a problem with. You've got the massive, droning riffs with plenty of distortion plus monstrous bass lines and that in sync drum style. Yes it's very familiar except for the vocals. They're more in the vain of your typical sludge band rasp variety. Still with originality tossed to the wind the two cuts have a mesmerizing almost hypnotic quality to them. Dare I say psych is involved when listening to the latter moments of "Guile as a Vice"? Or that “Succumbing” is as long and painful as crucifixion? Maybe two cuts is all they need to convey their powerful message that life sucks, mate.

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