Saturday, June 24, 2017

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER - Generation Of Terror review


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 

Here's an act which I reviewed before as well as hoped to see on tour with VADER. Unfortunately they skipped my state but there is this EP which kinda makes up for it. In the not so distant past (aka: January 2017) I described SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER's music as "cool ass hate fuck metal destruction." This EP solidifies that opinion.

Generation Of Terror is five new tracks of extreme death thrash also included is a cover of CARNIVORE's "Race War". The originals are short fast blasts of brutality which just brings a smile to my face. I'd say "Bodies in the Basement" is my favorite track on here then again so is "Bare Knuckle Beat Down". 

All in all I think SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER does well in their short form release status, much like their last split release. They pummel you with hard fast tracks that display depth, character with old school influences abound. Each cut on Generation Of Terror is unique which keeps things exciting to the end. Even their CARNIVORE cover is fairly impressive. Nuff said.

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