Thursday, June 1, 2017

SCUMFEAST VIDEO Rants and Raves but mostly Rants

It's the return of reviewing band videos. Most blogs/websites like to say "Exclusive Premiere" of some band's video as if they're the only ones who get it sent to them. Bullshit! Usually I just re-post em on my Facebook page to let friends watch em and laugh. But I figured hey why not give em a chance here at SCUMFEAST METAL 666. So shall we begin?

Our first video comes to us from KING SATAN an industrial black metal act from Finland or are they just a revival of rave goth disco with a little MARILYN MANSON shock added to boring synth pop. Whatever, SATURNAL RECORDS released KING SATAN’s debut album titled ”King Fucking Satan” May 26th, 2017 and also released this music video from the album titled "Satanized (Praise Hail Satan!)" Oh aren't you scared?

So for some info the band is led by vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and a guy who must spend a lot of time posing in the mirror, KING ALEISTER SATAN (a.k.a. FRA. ZETEKH) known before also as fronting the black metal band SATURNIAN MIST. Good o'l ALEISTER started KING SATAN in 2015 first as a solo project but the act got popular so he enlisted a couple of others. They would be this chick dancing like she's a goth hippie and the guy in the gas mask (what's up with goth fuckers wearing gas masks?)


Despite KING ALEISTER’s obvious position in the Finnish black metal scene, he owns BLACKVOX STUDIO where he had produced not only his own bands before, but such acts as BARATHRUM, HORNA, TELOCH and SACRIFICIUM CARMEN, musically it's just synth pop suitable for the gay dance circuit or a Pitchfork office male staff circle jerk. The video is like a car crash, you just have to watch it. It has all the visual trappings of black metal as well as the goth scene. But after a few viewings I think someone should tell KING ALEISTER that Abbath called and he wants his exaggerated facial expressions back. I'm sure the folks at the Youtube site Hipster Black Metal will have a field day trashing this.

NEXT UP we have the official video (whoa, "official", that sound's serious) from the Swedish Black Metal act GRA for their song "Ramsvarta Tankar" which is part of their latest two song single release. It also includes a cover of Lord Belial's "Osculum Obscenum." This all comes from Carnal Records. Take a look at this and feel the fire.

As far as the band info goes GRA started in 2010 by vocalist Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Cursed 13, ex-Domgård) and drummer Dimman (Spazmosity, Cursed 13, When Nothing Remains) and have since upgraded their line-up. Their name comes from a mixture of the Icelandic "grár" and the Swedish "grå", simply meaning "gray."


OK so you have the band filmed in black & white while performing in white face and adding some torture video scenes (in color obviously because of the blood) that would make Gaahl blush but some terrorist groups proud. Alright so these Swedes don't care for jesus or the bible as certain video props suggest. Sorry but I'm not shocked at all. Musically it's OK as far as Swedish black metal goes but if ya really wanna be edgy then try switching your religious target. I mean seriously I don't see any bible thumpers trying to behead people, molest and rape women (ya know like in Sweden) or forcing people to convert or die. That would be another group of fundamentalists who are presently performing terrorist acts in Europe and England. Nuff Said.

Finally we have a video by German power metal band SPITEFUEL. The song is called "Purified" which comes from their album Second To None which was released in April 2017 by MDD Records. Take a peek: 

The footage for this video is from the recording sessions in the Troisdorf-based Gernhart Studi
o where the band recorded this album.


Yeah we all love in studio videos, ah no. Musically it's a cool song but their singer's faux tough guy acting is just laughable. The guy looks like he could be  Dave Mustaine's kid. The rest of the band members look serious enough but that just makes it bad as well.

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