Friday, June 2, 2017

SONS OF FAMINE - Alcohol And Razorblades review

SONS OF FAMINE - Alcohol And Razorblades

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

What we have here is a small dose of blackened death/thrash as well as other vile flavors from a bunch of Midwest metal vets. The members of SONS OF FAMINE have punished our ears before in bands like CORSPEVOMIT, LIVIDITY and GIGAN to name a few. Also in need of mentioning is that a couple of these guys are in the band IMPERIAL SAVAGERY. Now they've joined together for this project. 

According to the promo info the band vows to never conform to standard genres. Ah yeah that's fine but hey the band released a self titled EP last year and this is a re-issue of their demo from 2013. There is a full-length album in the works projected for a 2018 release. As far as these four cuts go yeah they do stretch boundaries but it's more like outtakes from a IMPERIAL SAVAGERY practice. The songs here have that dirty, raw, savage feel to em with some obvious stretches from the death thrash genre. But those experimental moves are short lived as the band members return to what they know best. 

Sure I like it but then again I thought IMPERIAL SAVAGERY's self titled debut from a few years ago was good as well. Either way a new full length would definitely be welcomed. This also reminds me of BONES who are another Chicago band made up of former members of a fairly well known act, in their case USURPER, who regrouped to be harder than before. All Hail Midwest Metal!

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