Saturday, June 3, 2017

SORES - Demo 1 review

SORES - Demo 1

Self Released

OK so last week I got caught up reviewing two song 7"ers. Now I'm writing about two song demos. I feel like I'm back in my print writing days. So in that case prepare for a print style review. SORES are a two piece black metal act from Greece. On the positive side I think their choice of a band name fits them well. One portion of the duo is vocalist Sacrilegious who also fronts the Greek black metal act INSANITY CULT. The other portion of this duo is N.D. who performs the guitars, drums and adds additional vocals. Just for the record I reviewed INSANITY CULT's second full length, Of Despair and Self-Destruction, back in February of this year. You can check it out here:

As far as this two song demo goes clearly these guys are going for the second wave black metal route as in lets sound like DARKTHRONE. Now I use DARKTHRONE as a metaphor for raw black metal from the early 90's. And yeah this demo does sound like it could've come out back then. The release has one song "The Cage I Call Life" split into two parts. Part 1 is the longest at over seven minutes containing your typical straight up fast paced riffs with average blast beating drums. Sacrilegious adds in torturous screams and howls. Someone should call Moribund Records because these guys would fit well with their catalog of blackened artists.

The second part is shorter at just missing the three minute mark but the ferocity is heightened as if now they're pissed. I wonder if part one was about torture and part two is revenge. Whatever the case it's a good short release which should please any devotee of this style. If they were to release a full length it would probably come close to what INSANITY CULT is doing.

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