Thursday, October 26, 2017

Floating in the Mainstream

Floating in the Mainstream
Short takes on what the mainstream thinks is cool, LAUGHS!!!!!


Relapse Records

This is the most boring piece of over-hyped horseshit I've heard this year. It's basically a more sludgey version of SUNN O))) (who are just as boring by the way) with blackened death vocals. Or better yet, put on a PORTAL album and play it with a quarter on top of the needle. PRIMITIVE MAN are a three piece act from denver and have been around for a few years now. In 2013 they released their debut full length, Scorn, which got em notoriety, why I'll never know. This is their second full length but hey first on Relapse. A waste of seventy five minutes.

DYING FETUS - Wrong One to Fuck With

Relapse Records

Full disclosure, I never was a huge fan of tech death but honestly over the years I've heard some incredible bands that fully deserve honor. DYING FETUS ain't one of em. Except for the various staccato turrets freak-outs they're basically MORTICIAN on coke. And ya know that's not brutal, that's stupid.

WARBRINGER - Woe to the Vanquished

Napalm Records

I've said it so many times but I'll repeat it. When the thrash revival came about in the late 80s I was on board at the beggining. Like any other musical revival it was simply a younger generation recreating something from the past because they loved it as well as rejecting the modern norms. Unfortunately the modern norms (aka: the mainstream metal media) were against it at first until major labels started signing these bands and then (because of advertising dollars) they suddenly liked it. 
Be that truth as it may, I liked WARBRINGER on the Speed Kills Again comp. I saw em twice and liked their debut full length, War Without End. But then the decline happened. Seriously you can only do so much with recycled Bay Area thrash riffs and song structures. Since this is on Napalm Records then obviously their three album deal with Century Media came to an end. As far as this goes hey when they recycle SLAYER stuff I'm kinda offended because it's worse than new SLAYER.

EXHUMED - Death Revenge

Relapse Records

At this point in the game do you really think there's gonna be something different or better yet explosive in this band's sound? Duh? Seriously I thought 2011's All Guts, No Glory and 2013's Necrocracy were decent but they don't hold a candle to Slaughtercult or Gore Metal for obvious reasons. We're use to that death grind sound by now and EXHUMED's status as being America's CARCASS is set in stone.
This album is boring tripe. EXHUMED does better at selling t-shirts at shows because they're a nostalgic act for kids who were not around years ago but certainly have cash today, to buy t-shirts. Yeah the band is great live but......and there you go.

ENTRAILS - World Inferno 

Metal Blade Records

Ya know that feeling when a band you like gets too repetitive? I was an early fan of ENTRAILS. They were part of cadre of acts who revived the old school Swedish death metal sound. Albeit the band originally started out in 1990 with no avail. In fact I called their The Tomb Awaits release one of the best albums of 2011. Since signing up with Metal Blade their sound has matured to a more modern DM sound which is fine. They put out two decent albums in the past couple of years. But with a new line-up, leaving just Jimmy Lundqvist as the sole remaining original, this new one seems average. There's a few good cuts but the rest sounds like 2013's Raging Death Part Three.

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