Sunday, October 22, 2017

FREEZING BLOOD - Baal review


Old Temple

Here's a Polish band into Satanism, Goat Worshipping and has no Facebook page. I'd say that's a plus. Looking back this band's first demo from 2013 was titled Altar of Goat so there you go. This is FREEZING BLOOD's first official release. Prior to this they have the demo and a three band split from 2014. 

Musically this four song EP is blackened death on the scale of old school sounds from somewhere other than Poland. Thoughtfully I'd be going to South America but hey nowadays it doesn't matter. Brutality is universal, death metal and blackened ferocity is tethered to a few. Readers of SFM666 know I love my share of Polish death metal. I always look at it as a brutal finger to the rest of Europe. 

FREEZING BLOOD are the band underneath VADER's practice space pummeling away. Of the four cuts on this EP three are full on brutal punch you in the face cuts. One, "Seven Gates Of Chaos & Destruction" actually brings in some change via choir singing. It's so fucking nice until "Sheep Slaughterer-Worshiper Of Goat" kicks in and all hope is lossed. This release is beautifully executed, beautifully concise and totally brutal. Yeah that's a good thing.

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