Monday, October 23, 2017

GOD ROOT - Salt and Rot review

GOD ROOT - Salt and Rot

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

So I'm home from work, it's 1 am and I put on something new from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions which came in for review. Now knowing what this great label puts out I'm thinking OK this will rip the work scum right off of me. But ah no since this release right here is like Pink Sludge Floyd. It gets better since they hail from Hostile City, USA. Now for you others not in the know that's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now since I use to live up that way a while back I can tell you this. I've heard a lot of extreme music acts outta Philly but never something like GOD ROOT. Oh yeah that's a good thing.

So I'm thinking these five Philadelphians, who play sludge metal by trade, went down to South Street one night to get inspired and scored some liquid acid. Back at the recording studio they put out their hands and each got puddled (aka: a big drop of liquid acid in the palm). Just for truth's sake I was a double dipper. But anyways ya lick up the liquid and then rub your hands over your face. So twenty or so minutes later these guys are like "Dude I'm inspired! Let's fuckin record!" And here's what we got.

OK I'm probably wrong but just being nostalgic made me feel good. Any way GOD ROOT have been around since 2015 and this is their second EP. Their first, a self titled four song outing, came out in 2016. This latest is also four cuts that indulge in a lot of psych, tribal drumming, plus some ghostly sludge sounds that are more hypnotic then over the top. I like this a lot especially after playing it for three hours straight.  The sun is gonna be up soon but GOD ROOT keep this trip going.

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