Monday, October 30, 2017

INCANTATION - Profane Nexus review

INCANTATION - Profane Nexus 

Relapse Records

Before I say a fuckin word about INCANTATION's tenth full length I need to make a few things clear. First off in my not so humble opinion INCANTATION are one of the greatest American death metal bands. As far as consistency goes they nail it. Next up INCANTATION literally created death doom as we know it today. It's their fuckin sound, period. Add to that over the past decade more young bands choose them as an influence over the rest of America's death metal past elite. And lets make this evident, all their releases rule.

So yeah I set the bar high for INCANTATION so listening to Profane Nexus was a surprise to say the least. The overall feel of this release is one of brooding and crushing. It's probably the most deathly doomish release that John McEntee has ever vomited out onto the public. His vocals this time around seem more foul then ever before. What's also cool is that he's still got returning band members (aka: drummer Kyle Severn and bassist Chuck Sherwood, only guitarist Sonny Lombardozzi is the new factor.

Profane Nexus starts out slow and then to a crawl before the mid period takes off and it's mid paced death and destruction. That's a total twist from past efforts. Although it has mixed moments for example "Xipe Totec" is one minute of past greatness. "Lus Sepulcri" follows suit with being average. The opening build up with "Muse" and "Rites of the Locust" is death gloom and doom at it's finest. But whatafuck is "Stormgate Convulsions from the Thunderous Shores of Infernal Realms Beyond the Grace of God" other than a waste of time. Filler will be more like it. The final track "Ancients Arise" is a perfect example of funeral doom at it's best.

A few weeks ago I was reviewing a band who had a huge INCANTATION influence and wondered if they would be better than this, the original. My answer is yeah they would. Profane Nexus just lacks excitement. I was expecting a growing momentum that never appeared within the massive sound being conveyed. Sadly this is going to be the one INCANTATION album I'll never come back to.

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