Sunday, October 22, 2017

PATHOGEN - Ashes of Eternity review

PATHOGEN - Ashes of Eternity

Old Temple

Here's another one of those releases where you think it could be some long lost recording. In this case we're talking death metal circa 1988 from Sweden. But know this is brand new from PATHOGEN who hail from the Philippines. Actually this band has been around for a long fuckin time. 2001 to be excact and over the years they've put together an impressive larder of releases, both full lengths and short form stuff. 

I'll make this easy for you fuckers. When it comes to death metal, if you're the type that worships at the altar of GRAVE, NIHILIST and DISMEMBER then this one is right up your alley. Mine too since I love bands like this that keep things under a strict old school line. First off the vocals are maniacal whether it's the standard grunt growls or screams. Either way it's cool as fuck. Next up is that traditional thick guitar tone via a Boss HM-2 pedal. 

Officially there's nine tracks on here but the opener is a short intro. I don't have a favorite or a bunch of tracks I like. This whole album is fantastic. "Apocryphal Visions" is a good ripper to get things rolling. "Deathvomit" is definitely a crap beaten out of ya number. Both "A Graven Frost" and "Into The Endless Grey" are punishing. Hey what more can I say than this is a fuckin favorite.

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