Saturday, October 21, 2017

SOLBRUD - Vemod review



So I was expecting some new Scandinavian black metal from a Danish foursome who are tagged as "epic and atmospheric". What I hear on this one is post DRUDKH. SOLBRUD are new to me but have been around for seven years now. They have two previous full lengths prior to this new one. I'm sure someone thinks they're lovely but this four song release is boring.

I have finally reached that point where black metal can be boring even when the artists are at the top of their game. Make no mistake SOLBRUD are very good. They put forth a wall of duel tremolo picked riffs either violent or melodic. Although its a wall of sound that is generic. The vocals are typical raspy. And the soundscapes generally follow that harsh and slow pattern. There's some keyboards added to enhance the atmosphere during the dead parts. But overall this is fucking generic and boring.

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