Saturday, November 11, 2017

ACID WITCH - Evil Sound Screamers review

ACID WITCH -  Evil Sound Screamers

Hells Headbangers Records

And I missed out on this one for Halloween this year? Damm You All To Fuckin HELL! Well that would be Hells Headbangers Records and yeah I was late to the costume doom and gloom party but hey I can still blast this during the christian holidays. Here we have the third full length by Detroit, Michigan's full on purveyors of filthy creepy doom. 

ACID WITCH are the metal version of Halloween themes all the time acts like the surf and garage punk band genres except they hate people. I hate people to so that's why I like em and got on their hate train back in 2009 with their Witchtanic Hellucinations debut full length. After so many fuckin releases and wondering if SHITFUCKER members are cool enough to undergo a NUNSLAUGHTER type of Hallow-eve's frenzy, this one says hell yeah.

"Hardrock Halloween" is probaly the best cut on here since it leaves ACID WITCH and goes straight up sleazy SHITFUCKER. Be that as it may there are some doomy cuts available that tug on the line of doom filth. Lets have more Hammond organ to drive us in the hearse of hilarity. In between the the samples, which after ten listens actually sound funny, the crushing truth is that I'll see ya next year.

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