Monday, November 20, 2017

ALUNAH - Solennial review

ALUNAH - Solennial

Svart Records

ALUNAH answers the question I've always wondered, what would ELECTRIC WIZARD sound like if they had a folksy, hippie female vocalist? Welcome in ALUNAH a four piece retro doom act from England (where else?) into the already packed group of female fronted doom acts. Strangely enough this band has been around since 2008 which puts them ahead of similar styled acts. How were they hidden for so long? And here we have their fourth full length to boot.

Doom is the subject here but of course you have to endure the soft metal opener "The Dying Soil" before the SABBATH-ian riffs enter the musical framework on "Light of Winter". Vocalist Sophie Day adds a different singing style to this now crowded sub genre. She's not into the haunting vocals or the blues, instead Day comes forth as dreamy, clean sounding and in a way hypnotic.

With Day leading on vocals the rest of the band (David Day on guitars, Jake Mason on drums and Dan Burchmore on bass) lays down the SABBATH influenced grooves which are on the melodic side. David Day does a stand out job at adding clean guitar solos that cut through what could be a really generic sound. Damm good.

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