Saturday, November 11, 2017

ARGUS - From Fields of Fire review

ARGUS - From Fields of Fire

Cruz del Sur Music

Here's the fourth full length and you could say long awaited release by Pennsylvania's ARGUS, a band that captured my interest years ago. I got on the bandwagon at the beginning with their 2009 self titled debut full length. That one ended up on my year end favorites list. No surprise, I have liked everything else they've released since. That would basically consist of two more full lengths and two EPs. 

ARGUS blends classic doom aesthetics and traditional metal bombast into something that comes close to CANDLEMASS meeting IRON MAIDEN. We're talking epic melodies matched with powerful rhythms that at times have that galloping approach. Toss in the powerful vocals of Butch Balich and you've got one top shelf metal release for 2017. I figured getting that point out of the way quickly.

After a short "Into the Fields of Fire" acoustic guitar intro, this release jumps in with power via the cuts “Devils of Your Time” and “As a Thousand Thieves". Along with Balich leading the vocal attack there's longtime riff creator Jason Mucio on guitar and drummer Kevin Latchaw keeping on with the classic pounding. ARGUS are now accompanied by new guitarist Dave Watson who produces some cool chunky leads (and also produced this release) and bassist Justin Campbell who's work is stand out.

Other standouts are  “216” where newcomers Watson and Campbell strut and shine via powerful bass lines and guitar leads that cut through steel. "You Are The Curse" is a metal anthem to throw the horned fist to. "Infinite Lives Infinite Doors" brings forth the epic in eleven minute length. "Hour Of Longing" continues the doomish theme. Enough of the song by song stuff. This is just classic metal done by devotees. Nuff Said.

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