Monday, November 27, 2017

ELBOW DEEP - Sexually Offensive review

ELBOW DEEP - Sexually Offensive

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

OK so as soon as I checked out their Facebook page and saw the photo of their bloody singer puncturing himself in the chest with a staple gun on stage I knew I was gonna like this. Now I must admit the irony of listening to this now at a time when sexual harassment is being exposed throughout politics and Hollywood. Of course a band named ELBOW DEEP from Chicago, Illinois and their second full length Sexually Offensive comes in for review. 

The only thing crazier would be being visited by El Duce's ghost on Christmas Eve. By the way I seen a photo of this band's singer wearing a MENTORS shirt. So I'm not far off by saying that ELBOW DEEP are scumfuck metal whose lyrical influences come from such luminaries as in G.G. Allin, The MENTORS as well as IMPETIGO. Most of the music is death metal structured but the band also weighs in with some  grindcore, punk, thrash and a little bit of doom. 

People who just don't get the whole scumfuck motif in metal thing basically don't understand the facts. First off it takes far more talent and intelligence to weave a bunch of sick twisted themes into extreme metal than say pathetic progressive sludge droning. Secondly it has to be just offensive enough and yet funny to keep the average non-politically correct type interested. ELBOW DEEP does it perfectly. Hopefully they'll come east next year to my neck of the woods. I'll supply the staples.

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