Friday, November 10, 2017

GRIEVE / NO GODS - Split review


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 

Here's a cool little split release featuring two extreme bands who both come from an area of the country I use to call home, aka: Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. First of we have GRIEVE, a three piece act from Allentown, where I once lived decades ago and my son still calls home. GRIEVE are totally old school grind from when the damm genre started, the latter day hardcore scene. They give us three short cuts featuring a high pitched vocal assault with your basic punishing grind riff insanity plus some slower moments.

NO GODS also from Allentown take it a step further adding a more death thrash style. Frankly I like what this band is doing more so because they also have a cool late 80's metallish hardcore thing going on with them. We called that back in the day NYHC. Slam pit worthy kind of stuff and I mean a real circle pit and not that push and shove bullshit.

Both of these bands are cool as fuck. On a whole I like NO GODS the best because they stay true to a sound before a bunch of straight edge losers from Boston or Connecticut ruined it. Obviously they've listened to AGNOSTIC FRONT. To give them their do, GRIEVE also bring back a sound from the past that to many fail at. I've got a friend who sings in a local grind/power violence band and they go no where because their fans are a bunch of hipster losers. I bet GRIEVE has a better audience.

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