Sunday, November 19, 2017

MOULDERED - Chronology Of A Rotten Mind review

MOULDERED - Chronology Of A Rotten Mind 

Satanath Records

For decades now death metal acts from South America, specifically Brazil and Columbia, have had their own brand of brutality that would make a melo-deth fan shit their pants. MOULDERED on the other hand opted to forget their roots and go straight to being another bunch of children of CANNIBAL CORPSE. Of course as I'm writing this, Corpsegrinder and company are set to release another unexciting release.

I really have no need to listen to the new one by CANNIBAL CORPSE this month since MOULDERED do a real by the numbers job of channeling them. Think of thick chunky riffs, triggered drums with pounding snare runs and of course the brutal cookie monster vocals. There's even the occasional searing guitar lead that breaks the monotony. Also you gotta love the exorcism soundbite as an opening bite.

MOULDERED's full length debut might not be the most original beast on the extreme metal block, then again what is? But with that note aside it's still a good release.

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