Monday, November 20, 2017

OCCVLTA - Night without End review

OCCVLTA - Night without End 

Dying Victims Productions

OCCVLTA have come a long way since I first heard their demo, We Command The Wolves, back in 2010. That primal four song release was a mix of blackened punk, doom and an obvious nod to CELTIC FROST. Now seven years later brothers Vrgh on guitar, Hord handling vocals and Torm drums (they're a four piece live) have progressed away from everything else to concentrate on their worship of Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return era CELTIC FROST. 

OK its not a complete homage since these Germans do include some punk and first wave black metal primordial grit. But hey even the production on here sounds 1980s. Now in all honesty this is a great release, nine songs worth, especially if you consider all the wannabe HELLHAMMER acts that have come about ever since Century Media Records put out Demon Entrails nine years ago.

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