Sunday, November 19, 2017

SOLFERNUS - Neoantichrist review

SOLFERNUS - Neoantichrist

Satanath Records 

The guitarist and drummer of this Czech band are also in ROOT but don't expect there to be a closeness in sound. SOLFERNUS do entertain the black metal vibe but with a surprisingly SLAYER influence. This is the second full length by this four piece from the Czech Republic and their last one came out in 2005. I guess they've been busy with other things.

As far as the SLAYER influence goes I'm thinking Seasons of the Abyss era. They definitely love their thrash. Most of the cuts on here have that head banging chunky riff salad working for em. Guitar soloing and drum work is also similar to the fearsome foursome of old. But it's not a carbon copy in the least. SOLFERNUS do add their own personality via venomous sounding vocals, song structure twists and actual melodies.

One wonders with so much talent why it took so long to produce something worthy of praise? Neoantichrist is a decent listen which really wouldn't fit into that standard blackened thrash sub-genre. Maybe next time they won't wait twelve years to put out a follow-up.

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