Friday, November 24, 2017


Too Many Releases, So Little Time, No Need To Write A lot About Em

NECROVOROUS - Plains of Decay 

Dark Descent Records

Here's a three piece death metal act from Greece who channel Sweden circa 1988/89, oh fuck it lets go 1990 as well. This is ENTOMBED worship with bestial vocals. Actually this sounds a hellava lot better than that ENTOMBED AD release from a few years ago. It's also on Dark Descent so you know it's quality. Every nation needs their own old school Swedish death metal.


The End Records

I was surprised by this latest one by Chicago's long time doom outfit. I'm am a fan of NOVEMBERS DOOM, got a few of their releases: Amid Its Hallowed Mirth, Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers, The Pale Haunt Departure and Into Night's Requiem Infernal, They're all great releases over their almost twenty five year career. I do consider them US Doom hierarchy. But Hamartia comes off sounding lite as in less death / doom and more ahhh mainstream appeal. Much of it was forgettable after a listen or two.

BELL WITCH - Mirror Reaper

Profound Lore Records

Ya know I gave this band credit back in 2011 for their demo. Then a year later they became (or maybe they always were) hipster darlings who put out lackluster funeral doom. So a few more releases under their belt, this Seattle duo unleashes this two CD one track, broken down into two parts, over an hour's worth of slow crap. Self indulgence might be fine if you have talent and an ability to actually write cohesive songs. But it the case of BELL WITCH this sounds like noodling around in their practice space and they suckered someone to record it. I give them the finger.

EXTREMITY – Extremely Fucking Dead 

20 Buck Spin

Soon to be featured in Decibal Magazine's LGBQT metal issue. Dan Martinez use to play guitar in CRETIN, play live with EXHUMED and the reformed REPULSION. Now he's transformed into Marissa Martinez-Hoadley and with this sorta left coast second tier super group he's put out a new five song EP (with an intro track) of extremely fucking rehashed West Coast death grind which at this point in time lacks balls.

VALLENFYRE – Fear Those Who Fear Him

Century Media Records

Here's the third installment (full length that is) of Gregor Mackintosh's (PARADISE LOST) and Hamish Hamilton Glencross (former MY DYING BRIDE) side project where they get their old school death metal rocks off. Ah yeah this is great especially if you like modern day channeling of DISMEMBER and BOLT THROWER. Of course this time around they add more death/doom feel then previously. And they even toss in a few cues to their day jobs.

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