Sunday, November 19, 2017

TYAKRAH - Wintergedanken review

TYAKRAH - Wintergedanken

Satanath Records

The winters where I live are fairly unpredictable. For a few days in could be freezing cold then later on in the week it can warm up enough to see people wearing shorts. Yeah it's different from what most others are use to but we like it. Kinda like this debut album from TYAKRAH. This is a German duo who do push pass the edges of the black metal template. On here these Germans produce seven icy cuts which basically consists of four proper songs with three instrumental pieces that are blended in the opening, closing and in the very middle.

As far as the instrumentals go the opener has a classical elegance about it. The middle one has a more traditional pagan/folk feel from it. While the closing instro is a chilling nightmare. Song wise TYAKRAH throw more twists at ya then twisting mountain road. Early in "Gefrorne Tranen" the sound is atmospheric black metal which turns into straight up rock with raspy vocals and plenty of lead guitar theatrics. There's also some folksy spoken word parts. 

The other cuts follow suit with the guitar lead work taking the forefront. This is definitely something different, at least for me, in black metal circles. Overall the songs stay in that atmospheric BM vein. Personally it's not my cup of grim but worthy for anyone else who wants to venture beyond the horizon for their black metal.

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