Wednesday, December 13, 2017

ALTARAGE - Endinghent review

ALTARAGE  - Endinghent 

Season of Mist

They wear facial obscuring hoods, play a hideous and brutal formula of suffocating blackened death doom with extreme riff repetitiveness and use layered back cavernous vocals. If you thought I just gave you an exact description of Australia's PORTAL or the half dozen other bands who sound like em this year then you would be half correct.

Here's the second full length by Spain's ALTARAGE a band who last year came out with NIHL. That album was supposed to take the whole previously mentioned template, add some grind, forge it in a blast furnace and shove it into your hype excepting face. Yeah well either I'm jaded or I'm made of pure fuckin steel (I choose the latter since it kinda has a MANOWAR feel to it) because I thought it was average.

Which brings us to Endinghent and for the first part of it ALTARAGE continue where they left off last year. Sure it's a oppressive sounding dissonant wall of PORTAL-esque noise. Then "Cataclysmic Triada" hits and it's like a deluge of destruction has rained upon you. They do it again on the second half of the album with "Orb Terrax". You're already in a comfort zone with the music, if that's possible, and then they grind you down.

It all reminds me of the time I use to work for a company that use to clean up and fix rental properties after the old tenants left, usually not of their own choice. You would walk through the house and see a lot of shit a lot of things fucked up. Then you open up a closet and go "holy fuck, look at this motherfucker." Yeah that's what this release reminds me of.

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