Wednesday, December 13, 2017



Odium Records

Two great black metal acts on a split release, both of whom I've been a fan of for a while now. First off there's BLACK ALTAR from Poland who I first got into back in 2008 with their Death Fanaticism full length. Secondly there's Norway's BEASTCRAFT who, after the death of bandmate Trondr Nefas in 2012, have kinda called it quits. Although there were a couple of releases out this year by remaining member Sorath Northgrove. 

As far as this goes musically there's twelve cuts total. Now aside from the intro and outro cuts, the BLACK ALTAR portion comes down to three songs. The first "Tophet" is straight up punishing blackened madness. It's the kind of death craft that sets an incredible mood which haunts as well as rips your fuckin head off. Second cut "Winds ov Decay" follows suit, think modern era MAYHEM especially Darek Sieradzki style of vocals. The third one is a cover of BEASTCRAFT's "Petagram Sacrifice".

The BEASTCRAFT portion starts off with another intro but then kicks in with "Deathcraft and Necromancy" from their swansong album of this year, The Infernal Gospels of Primitive Devil Worship. This is BEASTCRAFT AD (aka: after the death of Trondr Nefas). It's a slower yet raw atmospheric track. This is followed up by "Blackwinged Messiah", a golden oldie from this band. There's also a live version of "Burnt at His Altar" which might be from Unpure Invocation of Alastor Nefas live CD. Finally there's also "Ressurection Through Desecration and Churchfires" and an outro. Yeah the BLACK ALTAR portion is the better part but then this release is a celebration their 21st anniversary.

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