Wednesday, December 13, 2017

BONGCAULDRON - Binge review


APF Records

This stoner sludge trio from Leeds, England really like Matt Pike. Not only do they channel plenty of HIGH ON FIRE on this their debut full length but they also pipe in some SLEEP on part of the title track. I'm certainly not going to slag em for that. Now if this came out ten years ago it would be a different story.

BONGCAULDRON have been around since 2011 and in that time they've put out plenty of small format releases. To be exact they've got three singles and two EPs to their credit. As far as this one goes you've got plenty of the heavy pummeling riffs with a decent rhythm section beating up those on the perimeter.

Most of the cuts are mid-paced and lumbering like opener "Devil" or my favorite "Bury Your Axe In The Crania Of Lesser Men". Other times there's a nice spacial balance of aggression and subdued listening pleasure aka: "Bigfoot Reigns" and the a fore mentioned title cut. Hey it's a decent release, if you're into the homage. 

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