Friday, December 15, 2017

ESCHATOS - Maere review


Self Released

File this one under late night horror music. Here we have a two song EP by Latvia's ESCHATOS, a band (a six piece act) liken themselves to experimental black metal. Actually I don't hear an experiment going on. The band, which is made up of various musicians from the Latvian underground music scene, uses a variety of metal genre styles as well as psych and prog rock in their delivery. 

ESCHATOS have been around since 2012 and have two previous full lengths to boot. The main word for this is haunting thanks to vocalist Kristiana who invokes a wide range of emotions in her delivery. She varies from harsh vocals to grunts to clean sounding. There's plenty of ambient keyboard usage, melodies typical of Euro prog metal and slight death and black metal tendencies about. 

Although I like just this EP's worth of ESCHATOS I'll probably need to check out a full length of theirs to get a better picture. These two long compositions push you in a bad dream of disparity. A band that delivers a foreboding atmosphere, a tremendous vocal performance and at the end to wanting more.

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