Saturday, December 9, 2017

ETERNAL TORMENT - Blind to Reality review

ETERNAL TORMENT - Blind to Reality

Self Released

Amidst a year of blasting death metal by bands going old school or into modes of doom it's almost a surprise to hear a band just playing it straight. In this Australian band's case ETERNAL TORMENT keep things on a fine, albeit rocky, theme of technically and brutality. Frankly I have to laugh partly at myself and of course at the metal media as a collective whole. We've ignored the obvious.

ETERNAL TORMENT are the epitome of great modern death metal. There's a no frills approach to their delivery. You just get a good portion of monster vocals, good riffs with some slight technical soloing, a relentless barrage as far the drumming goes and of course a sure fire pounding of the bass lines. This is their full length debut but the band, who started out back in 2012, also have a five song EP from 2015. That previous release can be found here:

Sadly history has repeated itself in the world of appreciating death metal. Remember the days when the flavors of the month were more melo-deth or tech death and straight up DM got tossed to the pile of been there, done that. In a normal world this release would be considered one of the best but we live in a bizarro world. I am looking for the day, and it will come, when bands like this are considered old school.

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