Friday, December 8, 2017

HANDSOME PRICK - Anonymityville review

HANDSOME PRICK - Anonymityville

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Alright full disclosure on my part, I was once the singer for a scum-punk band named HANDSOME DICK SCABS. It was an in total bad taste type of act and short lived for good reasons. Our only claim to fame or better yet infamy is a bootleg live tape and we blew away an Epitaph Records band during our second gig. So when I saw this band's name it brought back that memory even though I've tried to block it for years.

Anyway HANDSOME PRICK hail from Indiana and play death grind which is no surprise since many similar acts I like come from the sick Midwest like MACABRE and IMPETIGO. But also this four piece adds some punk fuckin rock attitude as well as duel vocals, one growler and one screamer. On this their second full length the band slams fifteen furious cuts into your head case. After repeated listens you'll feel like you've walked out of a slam pit thanks to some serious jackhammer drumming. 

Looking at the song titles I was thinking something fun was to come about for example "Return Of The Barfly", "Sex By Misadventure" as well as covers of the QUINCY PUNX (who I saw once back in the fuckin late 90s) and the MEAT PUPPETS. But no I was wrong, again, because this band is just straight up brutal with a few tricks to keep you coming back for their brand of audio torture. This is the type of band I wanna play to people I despise.

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