Sunday, December 17, 2017

LADY BEAST - Vicious Breed review

LADY BEAST - Vicious Breed

Cruz del Sur Music

Here's a band that from what I've read has been likened to IRON MAIDEN with a female vocalist. Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only person out in the metal media guilty of hyperbole. While having some galloping rhythms doesn't make a band MAIDEN devotes. Neither does borrowing a riff from SABBATH's "Heaven & Hell" on their cut "Always With Me" make you thieves. LADY BEAST does rock in the true metal sense.

If this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania five piece act's goal was to recreate a 1980's sounding metal album well they nailed it. Deborah Levine's gutsy vocals and the lead guitar soloing are out front of the basic rhythms. All of that means the production is perfect 1980s. As far as the touches of MAIDEN there's "Every Giant Shall Fall" as the most obvious. Well there is "Sky Graves" but that's an instrumental. Most of the other cuts are more subtle but in the long run it shouldn't matter.

LADY BEAST started out back in 2009, have two previous full lengths, an EP from last year and a line-up change or two. I haven't heard any of their previous output but I will say the Vicious Breed is definitely a perfect release. Every song is cool as fuck, grabs you by the throat and of course exciting. If there's one problem I can see it's that it's thirty years too late.

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