Saturday, December 23, 2017

MASK OF SATAN - Silent Servants (Chants of Lovecraftian Horror) review

MASK OF SATAN - Silent Servants (Chants of Lovecraftian Horror)

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I have this crazy movie watching ritual every October. Basically I watch at least one of my favorite classic horror movies every night of the month till Halloween. One of those movie favorites is the 1960 Italian gothic horror Black Sunday starring Barbara Steele and directed by Mario Bava. The movie is also known in Italian as La maschera del demonio or The Mask of Satan. So here we have a Finnish death metal act taking on that name.

This is MASK OF SATAN's debut full length. The band started out in 2015 by three sick individuals who already shared the same bands but wanted to create something more as far as a death metal act who are into old horror movies and gore. Ah yeah like a lot of other bands over the past few decades of death metal. Musically the band keeps things old school which is fine but I was kinda hoping it to have a more horrific atmosphere befitting of their name.

To their benefit this three piece adds a catchy groove side to their brand of death metal on a few cuts. Bang your fuckin head before it gets cut off. I can't say much for the drum work or the guitar soloing which does add some technical flair in limited quantities. What gets to me the most are the vocals. They have a gruff horroresque quality to them as a whole with a crazy rasping once in a while. They leave me with a sick grin every time I listen to this and sadly it's in a comedic way.

Be that as it may the basic rhythm pattern that MASK OF SATAN produces overcomes everything I would dismiss about em. I bet the kill in concert and maybe some better production would benefit this or their next one. The potential is there for a filthy death and groove act. That's even when you consider the thought that it sounds like Frankenstein's monster is singing or maybe some elder god from the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

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