Sunday, December 17, 2017

MIDNIGHT - Sweet Death and Ecstasy review

MIDNIGHT - Sweet Death and Ecstasy

Hells Headbangers

This might be MIDNIGHT's best album to date. Now before all of you crybabies and noobs start to whine let me explain. The first album was a compilation OK so lets get that out of the way. Satanic Royalty and No Mercy for Mayhem were great albums but they both had something in common. Both releases had a few great songs and a bunch of average cuts. It was those great songs which carried those releases.

Sweet Death and Ecstasy doesn't have a handful of cool songs. Fuckin every song on here is exciting and I'm talking about the first eight cuts on the first CD. Songs like "Crushed By Demons", "Here Comes Sweet Death" and "Before My Time in Hell" are full on true metal. Sure there's plenty of typical MIDNIGHT speedy stuff but seriously it's gotta be taken as a whole. This is pure fuckin greatness from MIDNIGHT.

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