Sunday, December 3, 2017

NUCLEAR WARFARE - Empowered By Hate review

NUCLEAR WARFARE - Empowered By Hate

MDD Records

Empowered By Hate was the working title for my autobiography, oh well. Since these Teutonic thrashers have been around since 2001 they're welcome to it. Here's the latest and fifth full length from German thrashers NUCLEAR WARFARE, a band that has kept old-school thrash alive in the home country. Although here in the states they're virtually unknown.

Unlike their fellow thrash countrymen, NUCLEAR WARFARE take the more traveled US second tier route to the genre. This is definitely an ode to the earlier days of thrash/speed metal. Plenty of simplistic riffs, songs about war and the obligatory cut with "thrash" in the title. That being the final cut "Thrash To The Bones".  

Whether they're tossing out hints of SLAYER, ANTHRAX or some further down the line thrash act from decades ago, NUCLEAR WARFARE are going for the homage and to the collectors who must have all thrash or die.

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