Thursday, December 7, 2017

SOMBRE CROISADE - Balancier Des Ames review

SOMBRE CROISADE - Balancier Des Ames

Pest Records

This is the second full length by the French black metal duo known as SOMBRE CROISADE. Their last one, Litanie au mal, came out in 2012. Other than a split release done in 2013 with another French BM act, AUGURE FUNEBRE, this is their only output over those years. Since band founder Malsain (guitars & drums) and Alrinack (bass & vocals) are also involved in other various bands then the time lapse is obvious.

Be that as it is, SOMBRE CROISADE bring back that grim and hate filled black metal sound which made the early French BM scene stand out from their contemporaries in other parts of Europe. This is raw second wave BM with plenty of higher pitched harsh screams as well as that hornet's nest buzz of the riffs. But hey there's also some melody and  cleaner playing.

I think the bottom line here is that I like this so much because I hate what's become of the French BM scene/sound. I hate the progressive touches. I hate the inclusion of tech death into it. And I really hate the attitudes of hipster nubes over the years in the metal media who snub their noses at the mere mention of Les Légions Noires, MUTIILATION or VLAD TEPES. Sorry but I hate you all but hey I think this is fantastic.
Whether it's the melodic yet harsh rips across the face of "Balancier des Âmes" or the beautifully harsh atmospheric "Souffles d'Ailleurs" that ends also in a tone of hateful beauty which old school French BM was known for. Absolutely a great release by SOMBRE CROISADE.

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