Friday, December 29, 2017

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Moribund Death Cult Vol. 4 review

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Moribund Death Cult Vol. 4

Moribund Records

What a way to end the year, with Moribund Records and some serious black fucking metal. Yes it's Cold, Grim and Evil. If you are a metal enthusiast and have shelves full of CDs or LPs then maybe you separate them by genre. I've got six shelves dedicated to black metal CDs (big shelves) and a year ago I decided to dedicate one full shelf to Moribund releases. Because I own so many of em. It is not crazy to like one particular label especially if they are dedicated to a genre you love and Moribund does that.

My first Moribund compilation experience came when I picked up DODSFERD's Fucking Your Creation CD and the comp came along with it. I then went about picking up everything by the bands on that comp CD. I was a Moribund Cult fan from then on. Sadly the past couple of years I haven't kept up with their releases. I've listened to a few this year but nothing was a standout as opposed to years ago.

But as far as this comp goes the standout tracks for me come from VARDAN, MORTUALIA, WAXEN, UNHUMAN DISEASE and of course DODSFERD. Yeah years ago every track was standout on a Moribund comp, oh well.

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