Monday, January 8, 2018

ABSQUE COR - Wedrowke Haniebnie Zakonczyc review

ABSQUE COR - Wedrowke Haniebnie Zakonczyc

Godz Ov War Productions

It's been a frigid couple of weeks here where I live. Ironically over that time I've been treated to some of the coldest, cruel and down right brilliant black metal. This one here came out late in 2017 but is so worth your attention it would be a crime to not acknowledge it. 

This is the debut full length by Poland's ABSQUE COR, a one man black metal project created by a guy who goes by the pseudonym of Vos. Wedrowke Haniebnie Zakonczyc might just be four songs in slightly over thirty minutes but it'll be of the better blackened half hours you'll ever spend.

I've listened to this countless times and it's hard to get a definitive grasp of Vos's recipe completely. It's depressive and melodic then somewhat upbeat with punishing riffs and crushing blast beats that actually carry you along. Vos's vocals are full of anguish, despair and hatred. This is like a wounded animal who is suffering but refuses to succumb and lashes out with all of it's strength.

Once more I need to emphasize that this is his debut. I can just imagine or better yet anticipate more greatness by Vos and hopefully sometime later this year.

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