Saturday, January 6, 2018

ASPHODELOS - The Five Rivers Of Erebos review

ASPHODELOS - The Five Rivers Of Erebos

MDD Records

Let's play a game and it's real simple. Name five German death metal bands in ten seconds, GO! Ah yeah you were lost. Sure you can name some great bands that play in other genres but as far as death metal goes you're at a loss. ASPHODELOS, a German five piece act, are at a loss on this their first full length. The main loss is that they sound like melodic death metal circa 1995.

The Five Rivers Of Erebos is just six cuts and that includes an intro. More on that later. The band originally started out as HATRED WITHIN in 2008 but changed their name in 2010. Since then they've put out two EPs some time ago. If anything this act needs Peter Tagtgren, of HYPOCRISY fame, to work with em since that's who they sound like.

ASPHODELOS do have their moments of greatness on here. They've got the fury of riffs down, growled vocal patterns which at times sound agonist. Drum work is done in a pattern reminding one of past melodic DM structures. I think the down side is the melodic death metal genre in itself. It's tough as nails to follow on something which was done to death over a decade ago. But hey since the field is wide open this band could easily become the biggest German Death Metal act in no time.

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