Thursday, January 4, 2018

BELDAM - Pasung review

BELDAM - Pasung

Horror Pain Gore Death Production

If this is an indicator to what's in store for the coming year then all I can say is tighten your asses or you're gonna get fucked. Luckily I worked New Year's Eve so on the 1st, when I checked this one out, I wasn't hungover. Now if I was then it would've been fuckin torture. But just for the record I drink good beer so I don't get hangovers. The first time I listened to this it reminded me of the good o'l days when I'd get records in the mail and play em at 33.1/3 speed by accident instead of at 45 rpm. A lot of hardcore bands sounded better as sludge. 

Anyway this is the second full length by BELDAM a four piece act hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia. Yeah that location might sound familiar to those of you who keep up with the news. But I saw a band photo and these guys all got hair and one of em is wearing a DECEASED t-shirt. Also according to the promo info they've recently relocated to Seattle. Yeah enjoy that. Musically this is sludgey doom kinda in the vein of EYEHATEGOD and I'll toss in the MELVINS (just because I was blasting Bullhead the other night). 

No one will accuse BELDAM of being progressive. On the contrary listening to this is like being in the checkout line at Walmart, talk about a soul wrenching experience.  Except they include crushing riffage and vocals that at certain times are a guttural barrage. Other times the vocalist, Randall Guidry, employs this sinister nasal rasp which gives things an almost punk feel. All I can say is that Seattle is doomed.

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