Thursday, January 4, 2018

BLIGHT - The Teachings/Death Reborn review

BLIGHT - The Teachings/Death Reborn

Black Market Metal Label

Well I'm starting the new year off right by getting my brain fried by some filthy black metal from Canada. So what are you up to? Yeah, well here we have a compilation by BLIGHT an aptly named act from Montreal, Quebec. Basically these are two EPs released earlier in the career. The first five cuts are from their 2016 EP, The Teachings. The latter two cuts come from their Death Reborn EP from 2013.

This compilation originally came out in 2016 as a limited cassette on the Heathen Tribes label. Now Black Market Metal has re-issued it on CD. I'm guessing the goal here is to get their older stuff out because this year the band plans to release a proper full length. Actually after listening to this I am looking forward to some new BLIGHT.

Musically BLIGHT are filthy raw sounding black fuckin metal. The highlight or standout is vocalist G. McCaughry. What emanates from this guy's maul is harsh, threatening, bloody as well as down right hateful. He screams, shouts, growls and once in a while actually sings lyrics. While all of that fury is being unleashed the music itself flows with melody and quite a lot of brutality. If this four piece's goal was to produce punishing black metal then they succeeded.

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