Monday, January 22, 2018

COFFIN TORTURE - Dismal Planet review

COFFIN TORTURE - Dismal Planet 

Sludgelord Records 

You know those times when you come home (in my case at 3 AM after work) and you push play on your music player then walk away fully forgetting how loud you were listening to music earlier? My roommate will sleep through her dogs barking and my blasting alarm clock on Tuesday mornings but COFFIN TORTURE woke her the fuck up. Freaked the fuck out of me as well and I was in the kitchen getting a beer.

OK now before I get into the music I just want to give a shout out. Sludgelord Records is the label from The Sludgelord website/blog. I am a fan of their site because over the years I've found their writers to be honest. To me that goes a long way. They've cover almost all genres of metal but if you're a doom head then you should check em out. I don't give shout outs to other sites, obviously, but in this case I will.

Now as far as COFFIN TORTURE goes well first off cool name. On a side note I use to have a coffin. Actually it was an oblong box which was a Halloween decoration which a friend and I stole from a yard near where I lived years ago. We grabbed it one night, the fucker was heavy, we put it in his van and brought it back to my place. Interesting enough, behind my house was a cemetery. So while we carried the thing in my neighbors were watching. The next day they asked my roommate if we got it from the graveyard. And to answer the obvious question, yes I did have sex in it.

But as far as the music goes I'm ashamed to say I have not heard of COFFIN TORTURE until listening to this their debut full length, which is total sludge rock. They're a duo from South Carolina which means we're neighbors. Anyways COFFIN TORTURE have been around for a decade and have a slew of short form releases. Interested parties should find their Slithering Through Your Dreams​:​ 2008​-​2016 Primitive Recordings compilation.

Yeah it's 2018 so can a sludge rock band really captivate? In this band's case yeah and they do it well. COFFIN TORTURE are Southern Fuckin Sludge and they are loud even played at low volume. They blanket the listener with a huge assault to your senses. The three keys for them are the bombastic drumming, the poking a hornet nest distortion sound to the guitars and the manacle vocals. 

I'm sure other people could make comparisons to other bands but I ain't listening to those bands at the wee hours of the morning. Which is by the way the only times I've had chances to play this. Actually I love this because it's a vomiting Southern sludge monster that you know is dangerous but hey you like it as a pet.

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