Thursday, January 11, 2018

ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM / dusK Village Split review

ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM / dusK Village Split

Self Released

Hey it's 2018 and I'm still reviewing cassettes which is a throwback to 1998 when I was still doing a print zine. Go figure right but for those of you not in the know cassettes have made a comeback. Why I'll never understand. Be that as it may here we have a split from two bands laying down two tracks a piece. Look if we're gonna be nostalgic then you should've gone for a split 7"er, colored vinyl optional.

First off we have ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM who lay out two cuts. The first "Boiling Nails" sounds like David Yow, of JESUS LIZARD, fronting HELMET. Right now there's an old friend of mine, who use to publish a zine from Illinois (from Evansville?), who if he heard this his head would explode. Damm good song by the way. Their second cut is kinda a downer. It's starts out slow, sedate, then a woman starts clean singing in what I'd call a inspirational vocal display of 90's Indie pop metal via a distortion of shoegaze. 

The second band (?) dusK Village also supplies two cuts. The first, "Exolife Civilization Leak", sounds like a sludge band from Russia performing in a illegal Moscow underground disco. Where did I come up with that metaphor? Don't ask because I'm ex-military and I'd have to kill you after divulging such info. This band also likes their MY BLOODY VALENTINE influence which comes in at the end of the song. Their second cut "A Self Fan" is a sludgy punk number recalling the days of Touch & Go Records. Each band has a decent cut and an OK cut so I'm asking some label make this a vinyl release. 

By the way somebody pinch me because I think I'm in the 1990s again. The next thing you know is I'm going to hear the voice of an ex-girlfriend of mine call out from the bathroom asking for me to join her in the shower so she can blow me.

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