Saturday, January 27, 2018

FUNERAL WINDS - Sinister Creed review

FUNERAL WINDS - Sinister Creed 

Avantgarde Music

This release should come with a warning sticker stating that this is old school (aka: early nineties) black metal. It's filthy, violent, threatening, unapologetic and contains absolutely no atmospheric passages or progression for beardo hipsters to smoke pot to. Oh yeah and I like it a lot. No, I fuckin love this. 

FUNERAL WINDS might not be a household name to most fans of black metal. But for someone like me, who celebrates his proud Dutch heritage and got a tutorial in Dutch black metal back in 2008 by a member of a more modern black metal act, I do know about them. Actually I should say him as in the one and only Hellchrist Xul who in 1991 started FUNERAL WINDS. Yes that's right all of you collector scum. This is one of the first BM bands to emerge out of the Netherlands. Quick get on Ebay and buy, buy, buy.

Alright enough shenanigans, lets get serious. Basically what we have here is the fourth full length by FUNERAL WINDS in their twenty seven year career. Now don't let that dismay you because Hellchrist Xul has been very prolific act as far as releasing plenty of splits, EPs and demos over his career. By the way if you like this one then I suggest finding a copy of the Screaming for Resurrection compilation album from 2004.

Now just to set the tone, the Dutch underground black metal scene is truly underground. It's been overlooked for years not because it lacks anything that their peers from other nations have created. It's just that BM fans look elsewhere for the obvious. Since doing SFM666 I've always tried to showcase bands from Holland in order to expose people to their greatness. Seriously after listening to Sinister Creed you'll be foaming at the mouth.

Sinister Creed is unapologetic-ally old school black metal. Hellchrist Xul doesn't give a rat's ass what year it is because it doesn't matter. We're talking about pure evil, straight up ice cold riffs that'll send shivers down your fuckin spine. Brutal assaults overwhelming your senses as diabolical shrieks shock your system. Consider this one of the best BM releases from the early nineties coming out today. Nuff Said.

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