Saturday, January 27, 2018

HORNA – Kuolleiden Kuu EP & HORNA/ PURE spilt reviews

HORNA – Kuolleiden Kuu EP


World Terror Committee

Here's two reasons why HORNA are one of the best black metal acts from Finland. First off their Kuolleiden Kuu EP, four songs recorded during the Hengen Tulet album sessions in 2015. They might be throwaway tracks or just couldn't fit on that full length. Whatever the reason I actually like HORNA in short form releases aka: EPs and Splits. Some of the best material of their long career has come out on em. 

As far as the EP goes Shatraug's troupe is in usual form mixing three fast to mid-tempo blasts with one long drawn out track of bitterness and pain. Spellgoth, who I wasn't too happy with when he took over vocals years ago, has won me over. He shouts on these cuts. Also worth noting that these were the last cuts to feature Vainaja on drums.

Moving onto the split, HORNA contributes four fresh cuts of raw blackened Finnish necro fury. The recorded in a dungeon sound is slightly different, more upbeat. They must have found a better dungeon. Typical HORNA mid-tempo black metal with Spellgoth actually breaking in some varied vocal styles like low shrieks, screaming and of course the shouts. New drummer, LRH, really has an impact on the sound and fiery direction they're taking.

The band paired with here is PURE a one man band ran by Ormenos who hails from Switzerland. Under the name PURE, Ormenos has had a career by putting out four full lengths since starting the act in 2013. By contrast to HORNA, this is a blast from the past ala old school raw black metal. Ormenos screams, howls and growls while musically it's a wall of tremolo riffs and repetitious drumming. Who said the Swiss were nice? Four tracks in all here.

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