Sunday, January 14, 2018

HUMAN SERPENT - For I, the Misanthropist review

HUMAN SERPENT - For I, the Misanthropist

Ogmios Underground

You know when I go to a band's website and am greeted with the words "The Perverted Level Of Motherfucking Nihilism" I know I'm going to like them. It's still early January and great black metal from all across the world is still coming into this blog like an ever flowing river of blood. Case in point here we have the latest release by Greek black metallers HUMAN SERPENT. The band are new to me but have been raising hell and misanthropy in the Hellenic black metal scene since 2013.

HUMAN SERPENT are a duo featuring X who is responsible for guitar, bass, vocals and lyrics. He's also in the blackened thrash act NECROWHORE who some strange reason I believe I'm familiar with. The drum work is supplied by I. Since 2013 they've been busy, putting out a demo, various split releases and two full lengths. On this their third full length the band mix good sounding old school style black metal with flourishes of melody and of course nihilistic fury.

On the whole For I, the Misanthropist is pure hateful black metal which is characteristic to the Hellenic style. But then again this isn't about style, instead it's ideology which fuels this duo. Yeah I read some things from their website. Musically the riffing is sharp and on certain cuts has a metallic chime that gives off a cool contrast to the fast paced drumming. On the first part of this album these guys let loose with amazing song structure twists. 

As much time that this band spends bludgeoning you there's always some undertone of melody seeping in that carries a song along. As far as X's vocals go, he's got this rough raspy tone and at certain times a bark that comes across as a I don't give a fuck about you vile attitude. It's very interesting to listen to this guy sing because I can't think of anyone similar at the moment. All in all this is a great release by a band that has brought Hellenic black metal back to a position of high standing.

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