Monday, January 1, 2018

INTO THE FIRE with James At 15

INTO THE FIRE with James At 15

James At 15 is the singer, record breaker and fire breathing frontman for the punk/metal hybrid band KNOWLEDGE IS FOR FOOLS (aka: KIFF). Since Malcom Young's death last year James has decided to share some of his thoughts on ACDC's career and his favorite albums.

1. POWERAGE - Such a powerful raw sound. Some of My favorite songs by them ever. Yes I rank this one their best. Not too many words come to say. This is their best. Also search out the song Cold Hearted Man. That was only on the Australian version of the album. 

2. IF YOU WANT BLOOD Live - My introduction to AC/DC was Ted Nugent introducing them on the Midnight Special. WOW!  Just one song and I was hooked. I had to have a record by them. This was a new release at the time. The album cover was as cool as they come. I've always been a live album guy. Should have been a double album!

3. LET THERE BE ROCK - A lot like Powerage. This album is loud hard raw rock n roll. Filled with great songs. Almost a equal to Powerage.

4. HIGHWAY TO HELL -  Another must have classic for any fan of hard rock. A little more commercial for them. But I've never been against catchy. As long as the rock n roll is still real. Hard to explain. But real rockers know what I mean.
5. FLICK OF THE SWITCH - My favorite Brian Johnson era AC/DC.  Its His Powerage LOL. Hard Fast Raw Heavy.  I was lucky enough to see this tour (I never saw Bon live)  It was truly a great concert. Also perhaps one of the loudest I ever saw.  Overlooked. But Don't over Look it.  Its full of great stuff.

6. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK - Some weird dark stuff on this album, which I like. Slow and heavy. I also saw this tour. Brian Johnson screamed like a demonic freak on a lot of this stuff. The closest thing to real true heavy metal AC/DC ever did. 

7. BONFIRE BOX SET -  Some great stuff in this. You get the legendary live at Atlantic studios CD. Which was always a very popular bootleg. Here it sounds great. Blasting through songs from Powerage. Plus the Volts CD. Rare and unreleased stuff mostly from Highway To Hell. The soundtrack to the movie Let There Be Rock and more.

8. FLY ON THE WALL  and  BACK IN BLACK -   I think I rate these both about the same. And that's a good rating. Cause of course I love em both. Back In Black has more & better songs. But some of em have been played to death. Fly On The Wall. Has weird production. But some really cool heavy gems. I feel like it was the last truly brilliant AC/DC album. After this they became just same old same old very hit or miss.  Only a few great songs after this.

9. HIGH VOLTAGE and DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP  - Early AC/DC Surely some great stuff. As with any of the stuff on this list. I love these albums and will always have them in my collection. So just cause they are ranked 8. Don't think I don't love them. Just don't love em as much as 1-7 LOL.

10. Honorable mentions. BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO and WHO MADE WHO have some cool stuff.  Any of the live albums are cool.  Money Talks is a brilliant song. And their Christmas song Misstress For Christmas is a holiday classic !  You gotta have the Let There Be Rock concert movie DVD too!
RIP Malcom  You were a visionary rock giant ! 

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