Monday, January 8, 2018

LABYRINTH ENTRANCE - Monumental Bitterness review

LABYRINTH ENTRANCE - Monumental Bitterness

Godz Ov War Productions

Listening to this is like descending on an elevator into the bowels of a subterranean hell where each floor stop is a ghastly experience. As you go deeper the experiences get more intense, heavy and violent. Although midway through there's somewhat of a relaxed moment where you are led to believe the torture is over but no because it just gets worse.

Welcome to another intense journey into the realm of modern day Polish black metal. You host this time around is a man named Hunger who also plays bass for the blackened death band STILLBORN. This is the debut release for his solo project, LABYRINTH ENTRANCE and it is simply an impeccable piece of work. It's basically one song broken into a five part act lasting around forty minutes in length. Two of the pieces, the opener and the actual second piece are instrumentals. The rest are a mixed bag of atmospheric BM early on leading to total chaotic blasting. 

If their was a downside to this release I'd say there wasn't enough of it. Seriously I wanted the torture to continue. I wanted to hear Hungers's tortured vocals more. And I'm glad this was not gonna sound like STILLBORN. Nothing against them since they are a great band but you just don't want to hear band stuff on a side project. But all in all this is a tremendous release. From start to finish Hunger blends in so much variety into these songs that every time I play this I catch something cooler. Hopefully he keeps this side project going.

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