Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Metal Belly Dancing? Hell Yes!

Metal Belly Dancing? Hell Yes!

Move over metal yoga. I mean seriously who wants to see a bunch of hipsters in leotards sitting in lotus positions listening to bad music anyway. Here's something far more exciting and extreme. First off I need to thank my friend Sandra, who use to run a burlesque troupe, for posting this video on Facebook. Check This Out!

SFM666 readers, let me introduce you to the beautiful and talented Diana Bastet and Metal Bellydance. Diana hails from the Ukraine and has been doing this for six years. Diana performs in her own style which is influenced by her favorite music aka: METAL. Hey you've gotta love that. She performs at festivals and rock music events. Now of course Diana also performs in the classic belly dance style as well. Plus she teaches classes for other women to dance. By the way you can see all of that on her Youtube channel,

Wanna see more? Here she is performing to THERION.

Alright, not your thing, fine then here she is performing to ARCH ENEMY.

Or how bout some more SEPULTURA.

One more? OK here she is performing with ORPHANED LAND live.

Something else of note, Diana makes her own outfits. Yeah I gotta say that skull belt looks cool as hell. She also makes custom costumes for others. She's an artist extraordinaire through and through. Now you would figure with everything I've talked about and shown you that Miss Bastet and her art would obviously be the most talked about thing in Metal right now. I mean at least as a outstanding footnote. But alas all I discovered was the Ukrainian Metal magazine, Atmosfear, included an interview with her in their November 2017 issue. Good for them.

Now you're probably saying, "OK Mr. Wolf we get it. You're just a dirty old metalhead." To which I say how dare you call me old. Anyways here's the deal. Most of us who listen to metal know that sometimes the music invokes jerky motions. I mean we bang our heads, jump around and some even run around to slam into each other. Some people actually move in very fluid motions. Next up, many of us into metal are particularly fond of it drawing on other cultures and history. It's educational as well as enjoyable. Well hey belly dancing has been around for at least a thousand years so there you go. 

As far as myself well for all of my adult life (and probably when I was a kid as well) I've had an appreciation for women who perform exotic and sensual dance. Personally I never went for the sleazy stuff. That's why years ago when the whole burlesque thing had made a comeback I supported it because yeah it was a tease but it was art. Also you respected the women involved in it. As far as belly dancing goes I was lucky enough to see two actual traditional performances twice when I was in the military and around ten years ago there was a belly dancing performance at a friend's wedding reception so there you go.

The bottom line here is Miss Bastet you bring art, beauty and love to metal with what you do. SFM 666 supports You. Nuff said.

Please check out Diana Bastet's Facebook page. Learn more about this incredible woman.

Oh yeah, Miss Bastet, if you ever come close to where I live in the Southeastern part of the United States. I will be there to see you perform, Nuff Said.


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